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AGENDA Sticker Pack Awesomeness!!!

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AGENDA SURF Sticker Pack Awesomeness to slap on your Board, Boat, Vehicle, Whatever !!! It doesn’t matter who you Are or Aren’t everyboady loves stickers no matter how old.

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Pack includes:

  • #1  (2.5 x 7″) “Original” logo die cut sticker
  • #2  (3 x 2″) Domed Numbers “A” logo sticker
  • #3  (3 x 2.5″) Magnetic “Stacked” logo
  • #4  (3 x 7.5″) “Splater” Bumper sticker
  • #5  (2″) Circle “Stacked” logo sticker
  • #6  (3 x 2.5″) “Stacked” logo die cut sticker
  • #7  (4 x 3.5″) “Stacked” logo die cut sticker


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