W706 Flyhigh Open Bow Sac


Pro X Series Open Bow Triangle — Conforms to fit in open bow.

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The ProX Series Tube Sac can be used in the ski locker of your boat or on the floor just forward of the engine compartment. It’s long and narrow enough to fit perfectly along the walkway to the bow or underside seat of V-Drive boats. You could also opt for one in the ski locker and one on the floor above it. All-Pro X Series Fat Sacs are constructed with a whitewater rafting material called Valmex. These sacs are unbelievably durable and no longer need the support of an outer shell. This Fly High Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bag includes the necessary fittings for filling and draining using a portable wakeboard ballast pump; you do not need to purchase anything else.

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  • Body – 54in x 54in x 54in x 12in
  • Weight 1000 lbs. / 454 kg.
  • Ports: 2 fill/vent – 1 drain
  • Includes Quick Connect Valve system filling and draining an easy task
  • Made from super durable Valmex
  • Designed with Awesomeness
  • Made In USA


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